Terms & Conditions

Copyright: All the content and images used on the website are copyright products of Bizezee Inc or one of its associate companies. Duplication or reproduction of any content or images in part or full is not authorised without proper written permission.

Automatic Subscription to Newsletters: By filling any of the enquiry / contact / quote request forms on the website you automatically subscribe to our newsletters. We shall occasionally contact you with our product and service updates and promotional offers. We respect your privacy and would never ever share your contact information with any other company without your consent. We will never use your contact information for anything other than informing you about our own services and promotions.

Shopping Terms: When you shop on our website you automatically agree to following terms & conditions:

1)   In case of products like email / hosting / domain registration etc, no refunds are applicable for the current billing period. You can however choose to terminate your contract, in which case you won’t be billed for the next billing cycle.

2)   In case of subscription-based services, like SEO, SMM etc, you can cancel your contract anytime with the applicable notice period however you will not be eligible for any refunds for any payments made. We would continue the services for the period for which payment has been received.

3)   In case of custom services like creative design, website design, software development etc, you will be liable to pay in full the listed price of the service under all circumstances.  Please read the terms and conditions for refunds to understand applicable conditions of refund.

Change in Price of Services:  We reserve the right to change the price of any services without prior notice. If you are subscribed to a subscription based service like SEO, PPC, SMM etc the prices applicable at the time of starting the contract shall be applicable for the tenure of the contract.

Renewal of Subscription Services: The renewal of subscription-based services like SEO, PPC, SMM etc shall happen at the current listed price for the service at the time of renewal.

Purchase/Renewal of Hosting/Domain Services: All hosting and domain purchases/renewals are charged annually unless specified otherwise.

Termination of Contract: Contract terminations must be done with applicable notice periods through written emails.

Use of Coupons: All coupons can be used only once and cannot be combined with any other ongoing offer unless specified specifically on the coupon or offer.

Performance Guarantee: Performance Guarantees are applicable with following terms:

1)   All performance guarantees are applicable only and only if the entire contract duration is serviced.

2)   For services like SEO / PPC / SMM or other marketing services dependent on third party platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, our services performance guaranty will be applicable only if the depending third party factors remain constant. Example if Google changes its algorithm of ranking websites in search engine results drastically, which affects your website’s ranking, we will not be liable for performance guarantees. We however try and stay on top of such situations and constantly try our best to drive top results for you under any situation. Due to the nature of the industry we are offering services in, there may be situations that delay the time required to reach a certain result (example search engine rankings, website deliveries etc). Under such situations, we will not be liable for any refunds or penalty under any circumstance.

Refunds: Refunds will be applicable only in following cases:

1)   You accidentally subscribed to a service other than the one you wanted to and are canceling the subscription within 24 hours of your order. Example you subscribed to wrong SEO or SMM package and wish to upgrade/downgrade. Please note you will be entitled to a refund only when we receive your order for the correct package.

2)   You were charged for a subscription even after you subscribed for termination of contract with proper notice period.

Taxes: All prices listed on the website are exclusive of applicable taxes. You will be liable to pay the applicable taxes over and above the listed price of the services on the website.

Penalties & Non Payments: We try our best to not bring any unwanted costs to you however there are situations where we are limited by our accounting policies. Following are the applicable penalties in case of delayed payments or non-payments:

1)   For any subscription-based or non-subscription based service in case of failure of payment on the first attempt we shall try one more time within 24 hours. If the second attempt is successful there are no penalties applicable.

2)   In case of failure of payment in second attempt there will be a late payment fee applicable for $50.

3)   In case we do not receive any payments within 7 days of due date we reserve the right to cancel the contract and terminate all services. No refunds will be applicable in such cases.

Liability: While we ensure that our services, people and processes are devoted in the best interest of your business, yet we understand that there might be situations, which were not expected. Under any such given situation our maximum liability will be limited to $500 irrespective of the nature of services provided and the total revenue generated from your business.






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