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With over 2 billion searches happening online everyday, the number of consumers searching and researching for products and service providers online is ever increasing. It’s critical for your business to stay at pace with the new marketing evolution and have a Search Engine Marketing plan in place.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process used to promote your website to rank higher on search engine results. In general Search engine marketing primarily targets 2 major sections of search results, which are organic search results and sponsored placements. (Click on the image to see the placements of Organic & Sponsored results on a search engine).

While organic search engine results are based on website authority, sponsored results are primarily based on the bids placed for keywords by participating advertisers. The process of ranking your website higher in organic search results is called Search Engine Optimization (Popularly abbreviated as SEO). Sponsored search results management is termed Pay Per Click Marketing (Popularly abbreviated as PPC).

Having a business website is useful, but only if it ranks high enough on search engine results to be noticed. A website not found by clients searching for the kind of products & services on offer by you is of no use to your business.

Data from research proves that consumers rarely visit beyond the first 2-3 pages of search engine results; and in most cases don’t look beyond the top 5-10 results. It is therefore critical for your business to rank on page 1 for keywords relevant to your business.

Most search engine marketing companies promote 5-10 keywords for your website. This is far from sufficient. You need to maximize traffic to your website to expect reasonable amount of conversions to justify the costs involved in SEM. On average, less that 1% of your total website traffic shall engage in an interaction resulting in a lead or a prospect. And for most businesses the average conversion percentage of leads to sales is around a maximum of 4-5%.

At Bizezee, our emphasis on your website’s SEO is very high, purely because of the amazing returns it guarantees. We know that SEO services targeting merely on 5-10 keywords is of not much help to a business. They would fail to generate sufficient traffic to your website to result in leads or sales The advantage will be negligible and you would loose faith in SEO.

To get you the real benefits of Search Engine Optimization, all our SEO packages start with a minimum of 50 keywords, resulting on average to a 10-fold return vis-à-vis most other SEO company.

Though extremely rewarding, organic search-engine optimization services take time to produce results. Hence it is a great strategy to combine pay-per-click advertising services (PPC or Adwords Marketing) with SEO services to realize powerful search engine marketing campaigns.

At Bizezee we extend our expertise in managing your PPC campaigns at no extra charges for all our SEO customers. We take it on us to create & manage the perfect PPC campaign, which complements the search engine optimization services to maximize the results of your Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

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