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Search Engine Ranking Factors in 2013

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Reference: The information shared in this article is based on the search engine ranking factors in 2013 published on moz.com

A quick overview: Check out the slideshow below for a quick overview.

2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors



In its latest review of factors that have strongest correlation with the search engine rankings of website. This study is derived from an extensive survey and in depth analysis of various factors.

Some of the key findings in the latest research are:

1. A website’s page authority holds more value than any other factor.

2. A website’s branding initiatives on social media specially facebook and google plus are very important. Hence mentions of your brand on Google Plus pages, shares on Facebook are now seen as social signals which impact your search engine rankings significantly.

3. Contrary to what google claimed in its penguin update, anchor text links still hold high value although the link sources are under close scrutiny. Anchor text links should be from diverse and genuine link sources.

4. Correlations of schema.org and structured data usage have gained importance.

Read the complete article here on Moz.com.


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